Data and Fibre installation

IT network infrastructure is now the major element of any broadcast or media installation.

I’m not sure how many networks points we have put in, its a lot. There are Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a installation in all Wire Broadcast projects, all tweaked and measured to be just right for their needs.

It helps that we have the best equipment, the industry standard Fluke DTX-1800 shows our commitment to this area of your install.

I’m not sure how many SAN installation we have been involved but its a fair few. Multi-mode and single-mode, we have been covering all the bases. We like to use pre-terminated multi-cores, but if its not right (or sometimes possible) we can splice on site. Again we have invested in Fluke test equipment.

In order to make our fibre installs effective we have started to manufacture our own components. All the off the shelf solutions had a little something amount them that wasn’t quite right, so we build our own. People love it whens its neat, tidy, labelled and oh, it works!


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