We try to think how our skills in technology can be used to aid efficiency and limit environmental impact.

Understanding that the business does not exist in isolation has always been part of our ethos. The effect we have on the local community and the wider world is considered and we make every effort to make any impact positive.

The company is now almost entirely paperless with electronic purchasing, invoicing and payment. We get annoyed (in a good way) with companies still sending us catalogues, so we still have a need for some recycling…..

We bank with the ethical Co-operative, we are powered by the 100% renewable Good Energy, we use a courier with the ISO14000 environmental management standard. Better than all of that we buy our vegetables from the Farm Shop in Hasketon.

July 2012 saw us donate some tickets for the current Science Museum shows plus £150 travel money as a raffle prize at Kyson Primary School.

Our Ethics

We are powered by the 100% renewable
Good Energy.....

We are a paperless business......

We bank with the

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