Wire Broadcast has been working with ENVY as the leading post-production house opens a new building for its advertising facilities in Mortimer Street, London W1.

Its new building accommodates 32 suites housing everything from offline to grading and VFX to Dolby Atmos and gives ENVY greater capacity for servicing its advertising and branding clients.

A central part of the installation was the machine room, QC and datalab area. All the core infrastructure elements were located here. Wire provided space planning and specifications for this section of work so that desks, racks, equipment and power could be delivered in advance of other sections of the building.

The machine room was modelled on data centre standards. Each rack has a dedicated fibre and Cat6a structure and multiple power outlets across different supplies. The system provides simple connections to the various networks and KVM extension systems. Equipment to service five Flame Premium suites, Baselight grading, VFX support and Pixit Media storage was all located here.

Directly outside the fully enclosed machine room is an open plan space for support staff. Two further dedicated rooms off the open space allow QC and datalab work to be undertaken in a controlled environment.

Robin Howell, Director at Wire Broadcast said: “We have worked with ENVY on a number of different occasions in the past and this latest move presented us with another new, exciting challenge. The technical installation was undertaken over an extremely short period of time so the detailed planning and off-site pre-fabrication we undertook were crucial in achieving the high spec required”.

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