As we approach the end of January it has been all hands to the pumps as 2014 already seems to be racing away with projects completed and others lined up.

We’d do well to maintain the quality and prestige of the work we carried out last year, but you never know, it is looking possible!

We started last year with Hogarth’s new Gramercy Park Studio facilities and a relocation project for Nice Shirts, spent a substantial part of the middle of the year working with The Farm on its William building (the 5th major project we’ve undertaken for them) and ended with the installation of new facilities for Smoke & Mirrors who have relocated to a new high spec building on Poland Street. Company relocation seems to be a recurring theme in our work in and around Soho and this trend looks set to continue this year, watch this space…..

We’ve hit the ground running in 2014 as we continue to work with Smoke & Mirrors and Big Buoy on its new building, they already look very comfortable in their shiny new home (thanks to AKA Design for the picture, they carried out interior design and furniture on the project). We already have two new sound studios for Unit Media on the go, further changes for Envy Post, and a project with a FTSE top 10 company lined up, its old friends and new. We hope that so much activity can give us a sense of optimism for the continued recovery and we’re excited about what’s to come.